Sunday, August 20

I Heart Hummus w/ EFAs

One of my family's favourite whole foods snack/meal/condiment/toppings is HUMMUS. Oh-sooo: versatile, inexpensive, easy to make, delicious, healthy, and quick to produce. Yesterday I had finished making a bowl of it in less time than it too my sister to take a wee! As she came down the stairs she said, "I didn't even hear the wwwww", meaning the sound of the food processor.

Here's yesterday's version:

1 can of no name chick peas
1/2 lime
2 heaping tbsp no name tahini
generous drizzle of the following: hemp seed oil, sesame oil, extra virgin oil, peanut oil* (which went in by accident), and tamari
a few tiny pinches of sea salt
roughly one tbsp of water
6 organic cherry tomatoes

*didn't mean to add peanut oil, but it's the same size and brand as the sesame, and I wasn't totally sister loved it, which is all that counts! Worked beautifully with the only snacks on hand: the end of a bag of organic tortilla chips and slices of organic cucumber.


Dori said...

I <3 hummous too.

Hemp is so healthy, I just purchased healthy hemp bagels not long ago and the ad on the package tells of all it's wonders.

It's been nice touring mama's village. Every mama needs one of these. :) Nice artwork pictures btw.

Vicki said...

cucumbers are such good dippers! & hummus is great for all the reasons you say -- even better with hemp.
whipped up quicker than sis can wizz? you are quick in the kitchen! :o)