Tuesday, August 29

VLV! Cookies Anonymous

The last baking I did before the baby came was a sixtuplet batch of Dreena's Peanut Better Cookies. Despite all the visitors, who love cookies, the cookie tins were stocked for a whole week! Last night the dad reminded me that he and his jr cookie monster side kick were now officially out of cookies. So today I'll aim to make a quadruple batch of Dreena's Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies and a double batch of Peanute Better and will try mixing peanut butter and cashew butter.

Note to Dreena: None of us here have ever beeen diagnosed with a serious addiction, but I think we have one to these two cookie recipes from Vive Le Vegan! Do you know of any VLV! cookies intervention groups?


Vicki said...

CONGRATULATIONS Susana! Yeah for pink. (adorable kimono!)
sorry, i'm of no help in the cookies anonymous department -- i was just thinking it was time for double chocolate explosion!

Urban Vegan said...

Picture of le bebe, s'il te plait? Hope you're all well!

Melody said...

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

Dori said...

"I'm Dori" and I just blogged about these today too. No resistance here.