Wednesday, September 6

Our beautiful village

Photo credit: Ian Britton, visit Free Foto

We are blown away, again, by the generosity of family, friends and neighbours; their gifts to our family in celebration of our daughter's birth (and for our son's birth 2 years ago). They are gifts from the heart which touch our hearts in ways we will never be able to express in a thank you note.

Thank you Stephanie (mama of 2!) for the homeade chocolate chip cookies and the we-inhaled-in-less than-24hrs-brownies; thank you Marie (mama of 2!) for the mouth watering chick pea, roasted red pepper, red & yellow pepper, celery & artichoke salad bathed in an out-of-this-world dressing; thank you Rachelle (mama of 2!) for the can't-wait-to-dive-into-it pasta and homeade apple crisp; thank you to our beautiful neighbours who vegified their traditional Ethiopian samosas and chapatis for us. Gracias! Merci! And may I add, these wonderful people also gifted us with adorable baby girl outfits and gifts for the new brother. I'm humbled by your friendships.

Many more thank yous to follow.


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