Monday, November 13

B is for bridge

B is for bridge
(not an attempt at artsy photo, something is seriously wrong with our camera)

Today it was cold, drizzly and it had the potential to be an everyone's-bouncing-off-the-walls kinda day, but, lucky for us, Mama M and her duo were up for a park play date. This mama is so glorious she was waiting outside our meet up point, with coffees in hand. Mama M: you rock!

On the chilly walk home, baby girl slept soundly in the Moby, while jr cookie monster made sure to point out all his favourite things: trucks, streetcars, buses and a bridge. We were sharing a Macintosh apple, and it inspired me to come up with the idea to document our Oct/Nov experiences with an 'alphabet scrapbook'. The idea is to associate each letter of the alphabet with something that the kids are into at this moment in time i.e. B is for bridge.

A - sharing Macintosh apples with Sebi, one bite for me, one bite for you
B - bridge, which at times are tunnels, but hey, you're only 2
C - chocolate for dada, mama and for bribes...
D - dance parties with dada
E - baby sister's ears
F - farm friends @ Riverdale Farm
G - playing outdoors w/ best pal George
H - random acts on the Hohner harmonica
I - Isa the Iguana (Dora's friend)
J - [mango] juice at bedtime...
K - kite
L - 'leche' ('milk' in Spanish)
M - music class with dada
N - baby sister's nose
O - 'oh no' says Percy (Thomas & Friends, early reader book)
P - pointing to people
Q - 'que' ('which' in Spanish)
R - 'rojo' ('red' in Spanish)
S - streetcar rides to abuela's (grandma in Spanish)
T - Thomas & friends
U - upstairs for bathtime
V - we voted today
W - windy days at the park
X - "X marks the spot" from the Thomas colouring book
Y - face to face with a yak at the Royal Winter Fair
Z - 'zoom, zoom, zoom' sounds we make while playing trains, trucks and cars

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