Wednesday, November 1

The Beauty of Bananas

November is going to be about recovering from lack of sleep and too many frenetic days, and nourishing ourselves in every way possible. To counter balance the Halloween goodies in our bellies here's today's way to satiate our sweet teeth: Banana Bread from HIAV! (in place of dates I use an extra banana, in place of wheat germ I use rolled oats, I bake it at 300F for 1hr + 17 mins). As you can see from the photo, Thomas and friends and jr. cookie monster were most interested to dig in!

To nourish myself I'd like to take a Knitter Project Class; I can only sign up if baby girl comes with me, so I'm anxiously awaiting for the shop to call back with a welcoming 'ok'. All I've ever knit are scarves, so I'm psyched to try a turtleneck sweater. 7:03PM Update: "yes, babies are most welcome"!

The other way I'm going to nourish my creativity is to get crackin' on my kids cookbook.

Any hungry mamas reading this, here's an awesome snack idea I got from a lady who was shopping at my local health food store. Instead of peanut butter and jam, try peanut butter and nutrient dense coconut oil. Garden of Life's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is worth its weight in gold!

In order to keep my blog interesting I'm looking to invite guest bloggers, if any of you are interested pitch me!

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