Friday, January 5

'tina torta

This holiday season we devoured 5 boxes of Biosybaris organic clementines, and thanks to a Clementine Torte recipe that was included in our FDO box I was inspired to veganize a new recipe!

The recipe calls for 6 eggs, from years of experimentation I knew the usual egg replacers bananas, flax seeds etc wouldn't cut it, especially taste wise. I took a deep breath and went to work and decided to use organic quinoa as a basis. Nearly 24 hours after I began thinking about it, coupled with many agonizing minutes sweating/stirring and begging the kitchen godesses for a science miracle I created what tastes to me like an absolutely delightful pure protein SANS eggs!

Anyone who's obsessed (we all need a hobby, right?!) with vegan baking knows how agonizing this replacement/experimentation process is, but, you also know that silly grin of accomplishment that often awaits us at the finish line. Not to mention how even more delicious each bite tastes.

My Spanish speaking son says 'tinas' instead of 'clementinas', and 'torta' is 'cake' in Spanish, thus the name. Here is the 'tina torta photo essay:

PS I had planned to share the recipe, but, since one of my long term goals is to get around to putting together a cook book proposal I need to keep some of my secrets, secret...bribe me with baked goods I'm easily manipulated ;-)


bazu said...

OH my god- clementines. I could eat them 'til I turn orange! And then I'd eat some more. Mmmmm.

Oh, it's so cool that your friend used to live in Astoria! It's such a great old neighborhood ... I love all of Queens, actually. Did you know that it's the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in all of North America? Gotta love that.

Jamie said...

Seriously, those clementines look SO ripe and juicy. Did you leave the peels on? It looked like you did. Can you do that? Your finished torta looks very delicious. I would love to hear a review on the taste! We just bought a bag of tangelos. I thought they were a cross between a tangerine and an orange, but it turns out they are a mandarin orange and a grapefruit or pummelo. Pretty cool, huh.

Anonymous said...

quinoa instead of eggs...I've never heard of that before!

good luck with that cookbook....lots of work, I'm sure~

bazu said...

I would love this recipe, thank you for the offer! Like Megan, I've never heard of using quinoa as an egg replacer, but it sounds so intriguing. My email is bazooq (at) gmail (dot) com.

Taylor said...

Hi, just stopped by. Kudos for developing vegan baked goods recipes. I lived with a vegan many years ago, and vegan sweets were lacking at the time. Things have changed drastically since then and now vegans have tons of good options at restaurants, deli's, groceries, and many excellent vegan cookbooks. I'm not vegan, but can appreciate a scrumptious dessert. Looks delicious!