Wednesday, May 30

I am a mother of two

I say very little on this site about my ups and downs (deep oceanic floor-like) in my journey of learning to be a mom of two. Parenthood is a lifestyle that is a challenge. Some parents act like no big deal. Good for them. I find it a real big, beautiful, difficult, frustrating, joyful and confusing deal. Despite a-l-l of the abundance in my life, despite the fact that I KNOW that my life is so good, very good, and others have it not so good, despite the birds that are chirping in our backyard trees I still find it mentally difficult to keep my cool. I am grateful to those who listen. Very grateful, especially to the other moms who are in the same boat. Luckily, I have been blessed with mama friends who have similar difficulties, yet, the stars have aligned in our favour, so that the hellish days for me, are the pretty good days for them and vice versa.

Anyhow, despite the anger I've met inside myself and that I'm learning to live with (which stems from the harried sleep depriving juggle of freelance work, slow renovations, the laundry, what seems like 24 hour whining, my solitary nature which requires quiet and daydream time, which hasn't happened in a few years etc), I mostly just want to remember the good times, like yesterday at the farmer's market with my two little ones, Mama M and her two, Mama T and her two, and Mama L and her two. Glorious morning, lunch and tons of snack time out in the fresh air, bright sun and bustle of the market with all its fresh lettuce, tomatoes, yellow, orange and red peppers, plants, apples and baby cucumbers. We came home with produce and a new member of our garden family, a lavender plant that I can't stop gushing over. Must go google 'lavender' so that I can learn to care for this most devinley scented beauty.

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