Thursday, July 5

Thank You! & NO Thank You cards

Today I'll be writing thank you cards to people who help make our lives better, happier & funner.

The one 'no thank you card' will be going to the RC2 Corp, the makers of Thomas the Tank Engine, who have recalled toys because the paint used on the toys contains lead. Below is my letter to them. Feel free to copy it. Together we parents can make a difference. Contact info includes:


2) KRG Logistics
Attn: RC2 Wooden Vehicle Recall
170 Traders Blvd East
Mississauga, ON L4Z 1W7

3) RC2 Corporation
Attn: Wooden Vehicle Recall
2021 9th Street SE
Dyersville, IA

To Whom This Should Concern:

I learnt about of your June 13, 2007 voluntary recall of various Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway vehicles and wooden train set components from a dear mom friend. Her email subject read: 'as if there's not enough crap to worry about'. As I clicked on the link she'd sent, my heart rate sped up, it felt like a tornado was ripping through my body. I began to shake the second I saw Thomas' blue face smiling at me, and the words 'poison', 'toxic', and 'lead' jumped out at me.

We own quite a few of the vehicles and components on that list. Many of those items have been sucked on, played with, and slept with by my almost three year old son, and my 10-month old baby girl. You expect me to package up all the recalled toys, mail them back to you, and then you'll mail me back a replacement and an additional toy. Is this supposed to make me feel better? What about the possible lead poisoining? How would you fix that?

Parenting comes with so many challenges. Toys, especially wooden ones were supposed to be our friends, instruments to help us play and spend quality time together.

I am saddened, disappointed, feel betrayed, and no longer trust anything you make. I fear now that the Thomas pillow is full of toxic stuffing, and that the Island of Sodor play matt is padded with toxic rubber, I fear that in a few months, a few years you'll recall other items that we invested in.

I am enclosing receipts for every single Thomas & Friends item we've ever bought. We want to return it all, for a full refund. Please let me know where to send the package.


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Jamie said...

Susana, stuff like that scares me to death. Thank you for writing them a letter and posting it so that we can use it as well. I hate that these "trusted" toys were so lovingly played with and sucked on, supposedly safe. I hope they give you a full refund!