Wednesday, October 31

Happy Hallowe'en!

We carved two more pumpkins this morning, so we officially carved three pumpkins this year. Hopefully this morning's two will be spared until tomorrow A.M. - the one we carved at Riverdale Farm's Carving For a Cause Fundraiser last Saturday officially has no face, it's been eaten by the voracious squirrel who also ate two of our minis. tsk tsk little dude!

Both kids are having an impromptu nap. Woo hoo, me time! When they wake up we'll marinade the pumpkin seeds in sea salt, a pinch of sugar and a cocktail of olive, pumpkin and hemp oils, then bake.

In case it sounds all Pleasantville & giggles, let me fill in some blanks: both kids have snotty noses, one's running a fever which includes bouts of whining, wailing and screams; last week jr cookies monster missed all three days of preschool due to his cold; did I mention that there's been loads of whining. The sounds made by sick and fighting children are very hard for me to deal with on a day to day, Groundhog Day like basis. It gets to me, a lot. Last week, without wanting to sound Hallowe'en ish I actually said 'I'm just about to put a pitch fork in my eye'. Yesterday we attended a Hallowe'en lunch, and I came home feeling fantastic because all the mother's there were crabby, tired and many of their stories included phrases like 'I can't take it a-n-y-m-o-r-e'. Thank gawd for coffee and red wine.

It's much too early for wine, but that reminds me, must start thinking about, dinner, hmmm. Probably a buffet of carrot sticks, cucumber coins, green pepper wedges, rice crackers, hummus, and a hearty bowl of dark orange red lentil soup. We baked kick a*# apple crisp yesterday, and sinful chocolate cupcakes frosted with velvety orange icing which we'll have no problem polishing it off tonight.

Whatever you're up to, enjoy and delight in the creative spirit of the night.

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Jamie said...

You know, I was thinking it sounded all Pleasantville and giggles. :) I feel like my kids are always sick. And I love hanging out with other people and getting out of the house, because I always come home feeling refreshed because other moms are going crazy too. It's not just me! The way I always describe it to Jake is like I feel the constant urge to cry-like blubbering crying, but nothing comes out. Sometimes in public when I'm shopping with the kids and Liam is screaming his head off and I am acting like I don't hear anyhting, I am completely aware that I look like "that" mom with the dead face expression. I know people are thinking, "do something about your kid!" Anyway, cute jack-o-lantern. That's funny about the squirrel. Your pumpkin seeds sound delicious.