Friday, November 16

What's for dinner: Thursday

Before dinner gets started, I survey the day's damage...

after a little elbow grease it begins to look more hopeful.

Luckily, all we are doing is heating up the soup on low; baby girl is lovin' it;

jr cookie monster has just told his sister that he l-o-v-e-s this soup [I gloat, my three year old loves lentils and veggies].

By the time the kids are done with their soup, their pizza is ready and I finally get to have soup.

By the time the kids finish the cucumber chips and pizza, I finally get to dig into my pizza!

I know, it was a week long pizza marathon. But, two good reasons: first and foremost is that it's the kind of food the kids can help make; secondly, it's food they eat again and again.

Tomorrow morning I've got to get more veggies for the weekend, so we'll switch it up and go for the greener variety.

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