Tuesday, November 13

What's for lunch: Tuesday

Today we ate on the road; we ate our morning snack on the side steps of the ROM, soaking up the late fall sunshine, and later, lunch inside the ROM. Ahhh, glorious ROM with its absolutely-must-dine at Food Studio. Of course, with small children you always supply most of the substance from home. We shared snack time and lunch with our friend Mama K and adorable little Miss M, this is what we had:

From our knapsacks:
vanilla and strawberry yogurts
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
rice crackers
vanilla soy milk
Shasha Co. Ginger Snaps
homemade oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies
fair trade coffee from home which travelled in our kick-a#& travel mugs
3 tiny pieces of organic chocolate
a handful of white chocolate chocolate chips

From mama's body:
breast milk for baby girl

From the Food Studio:
Curry Soup
Orange Juice
more coffee for the mamas

Is there anything cooler than digging for dinosaur bones...that's why we got a family membership.
Photos from ROM website

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Jamie said...

I love seeing what you guys have been munching on. Looks like a fun day. I'm taking the kiddos to the dino museum tomorrow. Thanks for the link to montessori by hand. I was too late for the swap sign up, but it was fun to look around her site a bit anyway. I always get a bit jealous of crafty people, but that's okay. How old are your babies now?