Friday, December 14

Feet for the stockings

This morning I handed my son a box of Gummi Feet - for the gingerbread house decorating party at this preschool. He howled with laughter. The thought of edible feet was just amazing! The entire 1 km walk to school he pondered which of his friends would think it was funnier. He was *SO* amused he didn't ask to eat one!

So if there's a 3 yr old in your life who you want to see giggle with delight on Christmas Day, stuff her/his stocking with these feet.

PS they're organic, dye free, gelatin free, and vegan -- and delicous too!!.

PSST! Santa, if you're reading this, my personal favourite of the Let's Do...Organic line are the Jelly Gummi Bears.

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Jamie said...

My kids love these. That's such a great idea to put them in stockings! What else are you going to stuff in there?

I finally got the VCTOTW cookbook at the library a couple of days ago and the cupcakes are to die for! I'm excited to try them out.