Tuesday, January 8

Plated vs Grated

Last year, caring for a 2.5 yr old and his colicky baby sister, was...well, to put it in cooking terms, I felt like I got grated to the core. Sounds fun eh?!

In order to move on, and leave that in the past, and turn the page, I have been working on looking and feeling like something gorgeous, something nourishing, fun and aromatic, say a bowl of silky flaming orange butternut squash pumpkin soup or a fresh fruit salad. So for me, 2008 is the year of getting plated like a divine bowl of slurpy goodness.

I think this sounds like a contest idea, thus, I announce a contest! Tell me what you felt like last year, obviously, in 'cooking terms' and then tell me what your goal for 2008 is like in 'cooking terms'. Deadline is end of day midnight, Friday, January 11.

Winner will be drawn from a hat and posted here sometime Sunday, January 13.

Grand prize: a $25 cash donation to your charity of choice. I will ask the charity to send a thank you note directly to the winner to confirm donation was given/paid for.


Hyperher said...

Last year I felt like a fallen, chocolate souffle, but this year my goal is to be like a crisp haricot vert, eaten raw.

Mama Zen said...

Cool contest and a great analogy!

Last year, I felt like leftover spaghetti. You know, that 3 day old, gelatinous mess that stains your Tupperware? Well, this year my goal is to be like a pot of fresh gourmet coffee: hot and strong!

MomOf3 said...

You have been tagged over at my place if you want to play! :)

Jamie said...

Last year I felt like microwaved leftovers. This year it's gonna be bread- straight from the oven.

alameda said...

Hi Susana! Long time no speak! Happy New Year!

Great idea this...

Last year I felt like zabaglioni (the italian dessert with the very foamy custard)- it represents busy, busy, busy.

This year, I would still like to be busy, but I would like to be a pomegranate- healthy, beautiful and so refreshing.

Jennifer said...

Oops, it appears my response to your contest was a little sluggish. Oh well. I haven't any recipes to share, grated or otherwise. I'm a wiz with the can opener, though.

Big shout out to Village Mama! Hope Seb feels better soon.