Wednesday, January 23

what @#$%^&* plan?

There are many meals I post about which I label 'meal planning', please forgive me, because I have deceived you, on many occassions. It's easy for me to label them 'meal planning' because it's in the label memory, but the meal in the above pictures should be labelled 'what was made when I wanted my @#$%^&* dinner making responsibility to be over in 15 minutes, yet, there were two wild chldren to be put up with, making me @#$%^%&* crazy, and yet, I am proud enough to want the end product to be fresh, delicious and from scratch', but that's a long title.

So last night I started by making quinoa. Quinoa cooks in 15 minutes, which is the longest amount of time I could deal with being in the kitchen after feeling like I'd spent all day dealing with food issues, desires, rants, none of which were mine.

While the quinoa cooked I washed 1 head of organic kale, chopped up one skinny ass organic carrot, chopped up an organic zucchini, cubed up a block of organic tofu and julienned an organic orange sweet pepper. Then I began layering the veggies on top of each other in the steamer. The first four minutes were for the carrots; next up for another 2 minutes the zucchini and the pepper; followed by the kale for another two minutes, then when the kale had wilted down I added the tofu.

I had about two minutes to make a tahini dressing, so it went something like this:

7 cloves of garic, pressed into a bowl + 2 tblsp of olive oil + 1 tblsp hemp oil + 1 tblsp flax oil + 3 tblsp tahini + small drizzle hot sesame oil + 3 tblsp tamari + about a cup of water; no salt since the tamari is very salty; whisked it all together with a fork. Voila, dressing!

So last night's 'what @#$%^&* plan' meal was a bed of quinoa, a few generous tongs of steamed veggies & tofu, a liberal waterfall of dressing, and a large handful of hemp seeds.

Of c-o-u-r-s-e I made enough for tonight. No one, not even myself wants to see myself in such a foul mood in the kitchen, wine just doesn't taste as good when I am feeling like a royal wench. I know some of you know EXACTLY what I'm writing about...and please excuse my language, I am now going to go wash my mouth out with soap, organic of course ;-)


Amy Turn Sharp said...

sounds yummy
one of my secret goals was to be a better meal planner thisyear
if even only in my mind

Natalie said...

Mercy... even at the end of your rope, you really rise to the occasion! Congratulations on hitting the mark, even under duress!