Friday, March 28

eco friendly party

Rainforest Retreat, Tofino, British Columbia, Canada
Photo credit: Brian Gahan

As I type, Earth Hour is 1 day, 5 hours, and less than 20 minutes away. My favourite line of copy on their website is: 'Make Earth Hour a part of your everyday life'. There's so many exciting and hopeful ways to take action.

We'll turn off all the lights, unplug our appliances, light candles, drink wine, eat homemade pizza, nibble more Easter treats, hug, bang our drums, dance, and add our family's song of hope to the universal melody...hope your eco friendly party rocks!


Anonymous said...
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Jenn said...

Just discovered you off a link. Looks like we're trying to do the same things with our kids. Where were you in Guatemala? I was there in '97 in the Western Highlands. It was SO beautiful. Great blog. Keep it up.

amy t sharp said...

yes! Daddy and I will be off in the woods for a little cabin night away and we promise to take part in this as well! xo Enjoy yr time

MegandMag said...

We got an e-mail from your swap partner saying that she is getting your e-mails but that it doesn't appear you are getting her responses. You may want to try checking your spam folder and adding her to your address book if you haven't already. We sent you an e-mail today with the info she has tried sending you, but thought we also try reaching you here in case you don't get our e-mail either. Sorry about this, we hope you can get this worked out and both still do the swap. Thanks, Meg and Mag