Friday, May 9


I have stayed awake many nights (according to my cookbook journal since Mar 20th) trying to concoct an apple + tofu recipe. Yesterday I felt the urge to mix apples, with cinnamon and sugar, so I got to work.

Number 1 rule of homemade revolution club:
always raid the produce drawers, the fruit baskets and the cupboards - yes, I hoard fruit, we did have 14 apples to work with!

It will appear to be time consuming, it's not if you break it down, and allow interruptions like the kids fighting over a plastic ram or paper crowns etc. Helps too if there's fun jazz time to dance to.

14 Apple-Apple Bake
This is how it came to be...

* in the morning I stewed 1 pkg/500g of pitted dates; do this by placing your block of dates in a small pot, cover with water, cook on medium-low until all water is evaporated, and dates are mushy

* washed and peeled apples (took me a mere 5 minutes to peel all 14!)

* [in one dish, I use glass lasagna pans] cut apples into quarters, then rough chop/sliced them (took 10 minutes, which is the amount of time it took to cook the kids' radiatore shaped pasta

* added squeezed juice of 1 lime + 3 clementines + 1 blood orange on top of apples

* added 4 tbsp vanilla + 4 shakes of cinnamon + 1/3 cup sugar; stirred with a large slotted spoon

* added a 340g/12oz layer of Silken Tofu (the whole box); stirred again so that tofu breaks up/mushes as small as possible - undetectable as possible

* [in another dish, I use glass lasagna pans] dumped 1.5 cups raisins + date mush (all 2.5 cups of it) and mixed it together

* [in a bowl] mixed topping: 1/3 cup sugar + 3 cups quick cook oats + 1/3 cup sunflower oil)

* [in another dish, I used glass lasagna pans] dumped half the apple layer; layered it with half the date mush; and sprinkled half the topping; repeated this step twice for 2 '14 Apple-Apple Bakes'

* baked at 350 for 40 minutes; turned down to 300 and baked for another 15 minutes

Spectacular! 10/10 because I used only what was on hand.

Next time I will add at least 3 more citrus fruits to the apple mixture + some maple syrup, and I'll add brown sugar to the topping too.

One random draw for a year long subscription to one of my favourite magazines! Those of you that have been playing along since day 1 will get your name in the draw twice; those of you who start playing today must post daily to be included in the June 1st draw.


amy t sharp said...

yum! we had salmon/blackbeans/homemade bread and salad greens! yahoo
Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes book rocks!

blissbelly said...

We had planned a picnic at the river since every day we either rush home to cook dinner or rush through dinner to go afterward, but it was a windy, chilly day and I wasn't feeling it. So I bribed my son with a meal of one his faves: shrimp!

Sauteed shrimp, asparagus,lemon zest, parsley with local goat cheese and brown rice pasta shells. Gotta love spring...was wishing our peas were ready for the dish but not yet. That alongside our staple sauteed kale that children shove in their mouths by the handful...kinda gross and kinda cool that they do it with kale.

Jamie said...

We ate at Bajio last night, my favorite Mexican restaurant. . . :)

Today for dinner: Italian pasta salad with red pepper, olives, mozarella bits, brocoli, and Italian dressing, bread, strawberries and ice cream for dessert.

village mama said...

Ladies, thanks for continuing to play along and sharing all your food adventures. Yum!

Amy, someone else mentioned that book to me, so you like it, yeah?

blissbelly, love that your kids inhale kale!

Jamie, what did you order at Bajio?