Friday, May 30

Breakfast Clubs: a love letter

My amazing friend Mama M who is an awesome mama, extraordinary human, creative muffin-cupcake-and-other-delights maker, and mama's village lurker emailed me this love letter last night:

Hi Susana,

I wish I had a blog so I could make comments and win prizes. I especially wish I could tell you how much I enjoy reading it, truly.

If I could comment today I would tell you that I rarely see the images of global hunger and poverty. I hardly watch tv and rarely read the news. I do however, see poverty, hunger and neglect right here in our city. I hear stories from my husband that make me cry and meet kids every week that make my heart ache.

Did you know about the amazing breakfast club programs in Toronto like The Children's Breakfast Club and LAMP Community Centre Breakfast Clubs.

I support these programs because I believe they do make a difference. I support these programs because they are local, they are real to me and I've seen them. Also, in my busy family-centred world, this is the most I can manage to think about. Seriously.

Dear Mama M,
thank you for introducing me to these two programs. Our family will donate $10 to your program of choice for each person that leaves a comment today. I count your love letter as a comment so I guess we're already at $10 and counting!

Happy Friday everyone!


Natalie said...

Inspired, I will make a donation in our community.

village mama said...

Gracias Natalie! Your comment brings the total to $20 and counting!

Please let me know which charity in your community will benefit so I'll highlight it in the next post. XO

amy t sharp said...

Yay for wonderful people!!!!! yahoo and blessings flow!
I wanted to also add BBQ and veggie stir fry xoxoxoxo

Jake said...

What a wonderful letter! I believe in supporting local programs. If we all took care of each other right in our own cities, that would surely make a difference.

village mama said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments which = more money for Breakfast Clubs! Very grateful that we are all part of such a vibrant, caring, blogging community. XO

Shawn said...

You are SUCH a fantastic woman. I so wish we were neighbors (neighbours). : )