Sunday, May 25

Free Burger Day and So Much More!

Sunny, azure blue sky. Ahhh, vitamin D, how good you are to us!!

Two gorgeous, happy, healthy, funny kids.

Great local place to buy fresh roasted coffee beans.

Our neighbourhood is alive with fabulous garden centres.

Awesome streetcar driver who tipped us off to free fun-to-assemble streetcars and buses.

The sunshine does amazing things:
Toronto is alive with smiling, walking, cycling, chit -chatting, flowery, BBQing, active, outside citizens.

On our walk back from the garden centre a delightful streetcar driver leaned out her driver's seat window and happily advised us where/how we could get free! paper streetcars for the kids.

A few blocks later, two dudes sitting on a park bench told us we could get free! burgers at a local burger joint.

Tuesday is garbage day, and already, tons of people have put their trash on the curb; one wo/man's trash another wo/man's [free!] treasure, right?!

Speaking of free...lots of field trips planned for this last week of the Homemade Food Revolution. Any places you non-Torontonians would like me to invite you along to? The first five people to leave me a comment get their names added to the Food & Wine Magazine Subscription draw three times!


amy t sharp said...

I wish we could come with you!
turkey meatloaf and string beans
verggie burgers and slaw
and tuna melts! woo woo!
but we are having chinese food delivered in a moment I am sorry! :) I made some cash at my tag sale and needed some stri fry

Natalie said...

It looks and sounds so warm and pleasant... I am glad you brought us along.
And thank you for your thoughtful comment... muchas gracias.

blissbelly said...

After 12 years in San Francisco and 7 years in Boston, I've grown accustomed to these past 5 in the boonies, but you make city life look appealing.

We've been having good eats!
Fish tacos...sometimes deep frying is so satisfying...especially when accompanied by shredded cabbage and guacamole.

Homemade granola from the Salad People cookbook...everyone with a foodie preschooler should have this book!!! So good. The first time we opened it up, impromptu mango lassi.

Chicken, veggie, seaweed soup...soothing shabbat dinner. With homemade heart-shaped biscuits instead of challah.

Mini tacos...again from Salad People...beans, cheese, guac, salsa in little bowls and everyone piles them on their little chips. Along with quick sauteed snow peas.

The season of great abundance is upon us.

Shawn said...

i love how you share the beauty of your 'hood ... i should do that. i need to do that. do you think drug dealers on their stoops or on the street would be more photogenic? lol