Wednesday, June 25

another postcard

Am loving the scenery.
Not sure if I'll return to blog land...
I've truly enjoyed meeting those of you who delurked.
I'll still be checking emails.
Cyber hugs. XO

PS Amy and Natalie your prizes are on their way.


amy t sharp of doobleh-vay said...

WHAT!!!! You need to post here! We need to get recipes and inspiration and ideas! xo Email me!

Natalie said...

This is a summer break, right?
A little break, so you can enjoy the extra time outdoors?
I sort of missed blogging while I was away, and I recognized what an addiction it can be, so I admire anyone that can step away, but I would not want you to step too far away!

Jamie said...

I hate when you leave! I love seeing what you do and love reading what you think about. Truly inspiring. Can't wait to hear about your book!

village mama said...

Dear Amy, Jamie and Natalie,
I'm touched that you've responded so quickly and so kindly. Wish I could take us out for pints - the baby could use a Guiness Jamie ;-)

I don't know if it's just a summer break, or a break up. I'll switch gears and see where it takes me.

I'll cross my fingers that we can keep in touch via old fashioned email. XO

Natalie said...

I think summer leaves us with so many lovely options and outdoor distractions... blogging seems to be taking a back-burner for a lot of people. So, I am hoping this is only a summer break.

blissbelly said...

Here I finally check in to blog world and you're breaking. Summer time is too rich for too much computer time and that's okay. I've enjoyed getting a glimpse of you and sharing bits of our lives and would love to stay in touch.