Sunday, June 8


Yesterday I attended Bob Proctor's *FREE* Wealth Building Strategies Seminar. I went so that I could meet Bob Proctor, someone who I've admired for most of my life; I went to network; and to meet like minded people. I came home an even wealthier woman.

I met some fantastic entrepreneurs: Amber Valentyne a very charismatic lady [buy her guided relaxation CD!]; the gorgeous Sandra O'Brien, owner of BootCampGoddess; endearing Gina Bello, holistic practitioner; Lorraine Leslie, Founder/Publisher, C.E.O. Women with Vision!; Freddy Young Century 21 Sales Representative, and Virginia Fatyas, Massage Practitioner.

Plus, Mr.Proctor gifted us with You Were Born Rich and I talked to people about providing them with writing/editing support. What an amazing day I experienced. All this came via another gift LifeSuccess Productions offers me every day, Insight of the Day. If you don't already subscribe, do. It's free, it's effortless, it's wisdom from people, many who probably do what you dream of doing. If you listen, read and act carefully you can make all your dreams reality.

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