Thursday, November 6

Pasta Party in the Urban Jungle

I'm standing in the kitchen, staring at all the little bits of this-and-that which lounge in our cupboards. It's 5:55pm. The kids are begging for a milk (their go to when they're hungry) and I keep stalling, hoping a simple-fresh-healthy meal will fall from the sky. We live on the edge of Little India, and are a phone call away from a billion different take out options. Much abundance in the urban jungle. But, we have so much on hand, there is no justification for processed food made by stangers' hands. I yell out, 'pasta?' and they cheer back 'yeah'! The eldest wants 'elbows', the youngest wants 'spaghetti'. How about a pasta party I ask, 'elbows', 'rotini' and 'fusilli'. The crowd cheers again, 'yeah'!!

I wash and cut two pears, and serve them in nice little dishes, the appetizer - healthy stall tactic.

About 14 minutes later I have a pot full of pasta; a happy trio of carbs who I lather in olive oil, *generous* dance of sea salt and a tiny splash of milk.

As I'm serving out the pasta in their dishes, I am on the verge of tears. I am humbled by the abundance in my life which is represented in this threesome of pasta. In our home we have more than one type of pasta on hand at all times; fresh filtered water; different types of salts, oils and milks, and a plethora of treats for dessert.

Anybody else throw a pasta party lately?


Lori Pickert said...

what a beautiful post. :^)

village mama said...

Thanks so very much sweet Lori. :)

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

that reminds me to be thankful- thanks!

Natalie said...

What the..?! You have been posting! I thought you rode off in to the sunset. Retired. Now I see I have been missing all kinds of Village goodness. Give me a bit to catch up and in the meantime I wanted to say: You are in my thoughts.