Wednesday, January 28

recipe virgin

Last night I got to hang out with two of my favourite mamas, and my kids got to play with most of their favourite friends - we missed you Mama K#2 and crew.

When I'm with these families I feel so complete, it seriously feels perfect despite the whining, fighting and messes made. We all agree that it's more palpable when there's another adult around. I try hard to make weekly dinner dates with friends, and when it works out it's so great, but it doesn't happen enough. I'm going to keep working hard to make these visits fundamental; and if Village Papa is reading this I also vow to keep working hard to make 'putting the laundry away' part of 'doing the laundry'...gulp.

PS The brownies (see pic) we contributed to last night's meal were a hit, and were part of a dream-come-true dessert for the kids: brownies + ice cream + sprinkles!

While doing arts & crafts with my kids at a YMCA family camp this summer (I should have been ripping out pictures for my collage), instead I was diving into the old tattered magazine bin looking for cooking magazines, and eureka I came across an easy scone recipe. That was August, so this week I've promised myself to bake them, in fact, I was planning stay up late tonight to do so, but I forgot to buy buttermilk.
So for sure tomorrow.

What recipe(s) are you excited to try out for the very first time?


Jamie said...

I've been collecting various egg roll/spring roll recipes because I LOVE them, but I've never had success in making them. I'm on the search for the perfect recipe. I found some that use rice paper instead of egg roll wrappers with beautiful julliened vegies. I am excited because you can put just about anything in an egg roll. I also want to find one that tastes just as good as the fried ones, but are baked.

Poppy and Mei said...

My new Japanese friend is coming by this week. I've already warned her that I'm addicted to Japanese cookbooks but can't read.
I'll let you know how I go! XXxx