Tuesday, July 7

lunatic lemonade

get the elf/elves to wash 14 organic lemons
chop up all lemons into quarters
let the elves take turns placing lemon pieces, yes skin and all into juicer

what you will end up with is the lemoniest pure lemon juice you will ever taste, you will want to add, at least 2 cups sugar, and once you dilute the juice with water, look out: you will have enough juice of lemons to make about 4-6 pitchers of lemonade!

Village Papa did not enjoy this type of lemonade; the kids are drinking it, and I LOVE it - but then again, I eat food that hangs out on the floor, and week-old leftovers with suspicious, I mean, exotic odours...

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Sarah said...

funny, we call our boys, at least the youngest midget, the oldest is 10 and he isn't so little anymore,
I was just showing him today the circle on the floor made by a lemon when he and his brother made a huge batch of lemonade. In this case sour memories are also good ones