Sunday, January 24

Cupcakes 4 Haiti

Collectively we baked, frosted, advertised, advertised, advertised, advertised, advertised, advertised, sold, sold, sold, packaged, sang, clapped, swayed to the music, chatted with media and media, and raised $9800 for MSF/Doctors Without Borders. Our government will match these funds, dollar-for-dollar, and thus, it brings our effort to a grand total of $19,600. This total does not include the money that people have I'll follow-up with those promises and over the next two weeks our grand total will probably exceed $20,000.

There were approximately 30 bakers; there were some baked goods that we still haven't figured out who dropped them off. The cupcakes ranged from $2 to $437.50. Bakers whose blogs/websites I know of included: Rhondda Nancy, Alexandra, Amanda T-M, Amanda M, Cordelia, Erin, Kathleen, More blogs and websites to be shared as soon as I know. A complete credits to all list to be published as soon as possible. There is so much more to say about our community spirit in the days to come.

Thank you for being a part of such an incredible communal accomplishment.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo