Sunday, March 14

Pub Fare Cupcake & friends @ #ironcupcake

Iron Cupcake Toronto was a great challange! Thank you For the Love of Cake for hosting; thank you to the gracious, caring and happy volunteers; thank you Brian for collaborating with me on this creative 'green & beer' focused adventure - loved the pretzel journey and your pretzel bench; thank you to little S and littler S for being so supportive of Team @foodplayground; thank you to Acts of Sweetness for encouragement and laughter; thank you KLB Cream Ale - you're one great versatile beer, great refreshing creamy ale AND great baking beer!

There were 16 competitors, yet the focus wasn't on competition it felt more like a celebration of how truly versatile cupcakes are. I admire all of my fellow participants' ingenuity and dedication to baking.

FYI, for those of you interested in participating, next month's secret ingredient: COFFEE!

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chasingfreedom said...

Looks like you had a great time! Wish I could have been there! Next secret ingredient is coffee you say? COUNT ME IN! I already have my secret ingredient lined up! So exciting!