Tuesday, August 10

cucumber, an urban fairy tale

I made up a story for the kids last week, on our walk home from a birthday party.
Like all kids, they love made up stories about themselves, their friends, their environment and things they know. Here's a slightly different version of CUCUMBER: An Urban Fairy Tale.

Once upon a time, actually, just last month
there lived a five and three quarter year old boy named Sebastian who only ate cucumbers.

For breakfast he'd make cucumber, milk and water smoothies,
while his little sister preferred berries and bananas in hers.

For his afternoon snack, he'd politely ask his mom for cucumber coins,
while his little sister preferred fresh baked muffins and mangoes.

One Friday afternoon he received an invite to his friend's 6th birthday party.
The party was on August 7, from 10:30am to 1pm. Although he didn't like to eat cake, Sebastian could not wait to see Sunil's cake.

The party plans included playing at the wading pool, lunch, then playing at the park.
When it came time for lunch, there were no cucumbers in sight, only baby carrots, watermelon and sandwiches.

Sebastian had never eaten a sandwich before, but after playing in the hot summer sun with his friends, he was very hungry. So without a fuss, he picked up a sandwich just like all the other kids had. He closed his eyes, took a small bite of the crust, chewed quickly and swallowed. He heard a small voice coming from his belly that said 'that was great, can I please have some more'. So he took a bigger bite, chewed less quickly, swallowed, and then a huge, enormous, gigantic, uncontrollable smile spread across his face. He had no idea what the sandwich was made of, all he knew was that he
wanted more of the delicious new taste.

He politely asked Sunil's father is he could have another, and the answer was 'Absolutely! We've got a cooler full of lettuce sandwiches, eat as many as you like'!

And you know what, Sebastian did just that. He ate a total of 6 lettuce sandwiches, one for every year of his life.

Later that afternoon, his mother asked him to pick a cucumber from their yard, but instead of a cucumber he came back with a red pepper. THE END.

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