Friday, August 18

You've got mail!

As a freelance writer/editor, I don't have a steady income, instead, I spend a *LOT* of time waiting for the mail to arrive. Hopefully with cheques addressed to me...often, I'm disappointed, but I take solace in the next best thing which might be a postcard from a friend, one of the magazine's we subscribe to, coupons or fun freebies.

Yesterday was a great mail day, no $, but my Hip Mama Tattoo Swallow Design Baseball T, designed by Bonnie Barrett, arrived! Thank you Ariel for the speedy delivery!

Still no stork in sight...


Dori said...

HI! I saw your vive le vegan muffins below, good pictures. I smiled at your post office high expectations, usually I get the kind of mail where people want my autograph.... at the bottem of a check.

Nice village you have here.... I'm also a vegan food blogger I followed your link from Vicki's shout out to you. Nice art work and landscape as well as muffins.

Vicki said...

waiting for the mail & the stork - perhaps the swallow t-shirt is some aviary sign that it's sooooon! i understand waiting for the check in the mail -- my husband is a self-employed music producer (part time attorney to supplement)

Village Mama said...

Hi Dori, thanks for visiting my village. After today's post I was on mail 'high alert'. Happy to report that I got 3 pieces of junk mail, and...some retroactive money!!! Looking forward to adding your great blog on my list of daily must-reads!

Hey Vicki, great connection you made to the mail & stork and swallow tee...will keep you posted.

I always appreciate meeting others who know all about the joys of supplementing labours of love!