Thursday, August 17

Things of Beauty: 3 Girls Fountain, NYC

This is '3 Girls Fountain' in the Conservatory Garden, Central Park, NYC.

It was sculpted in 1910 by Walter Schott (1861-1938), and gifted to the Conservatory Garden by the Untermeyer family in 1947 in memory of Samuel and Minnie Untermeyer.

When you spend time in this spectacularly peaceful garden, which you'd never guess is a stone's throw from 5th Ave. you swear you can hear these girls giggling. If you're really close up you would think they were alive; it is the most beautiful and realistic sculpture I have ever seen.

I love seeing beautiful art, and even simple benches in parks dedicated to people.


Vicki said...

seeing art stirs me as well! i'd really like to see the 3 girls fountain & thanks for posting it in case this is my only opportunity. and the scuplture below....well, you know i love that!

Urban Vegan said...

Great photo of the girls. [They're vegan, you know. That's why they're so happy.]

Vicki said...

no explanation why it took me so long, but I finally checked your published article:

I really hope you don't mind me plugging you here... Everybody, go check that link. Brilliant writing. and timely even in 2004! Will we ever learn?

Eco Monsters!

Village Mama said...

hi Urban Vegan, next time you're in the Big Apple, hope you'll stop by and visit the girls for me. Perhaps you and OmniMan can have a vegan lunch with them ; )

Vicki, thanks for plugging my article!