Thursday, September 21

No sleep 'til grade school

Yesterday, instead of napping when the kids nap, as usual, I cooked and baked. I was MOST definitely craving sleep, but, my need for some creative 'alone time' coupled with the need to make use of some soon-to-go-off fruits and veggies was stronger. So my mantra was a line from a Beastie Boys song: 'no sleep 'til Brooklyn' but it should have been 'no sleep 'til both kids are in grade school'. Good news: the sleep deprivation was totally worth it because I was able to turne out an exquisite extra large pan of mouth watering four fruit crisp, an organic harvest fill-the-belly red lentil soup, and a double batch of VLV! Double Chocolate Almond Explosion Cookies.

Visuals of my labour:

Valencia Fruit Crisp - the filling was created by moi, using an assortment of apples, unpeeled peaches, pears, and a secret ingredient...ok, I can't keep secrets: the juice of fresh hand-squeezed Valencia oranges, plus nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar, maple syrup and molasses; for the topping I followed Isa's version from PostPunkKitchen.

VLV! Double Chocolate (I skip the almonds and the almond extract) Explosion Cookies.

Apples, pears and carrots for tomorrow's snacks.

Aerial view of the greens, and one pear, in our Front Door Organics delivery box.

Yeah! The August issue of VegNews which I thought I'd lost, but found amidst the cookbooks. Flipping through this mag makes me happy. My favourite add, pg 6, is for Gardenburger, the tag line is: MAKE gardenburgers NOT WAR. Too cute!


Urban Vegan said...

You are the most energetic new mom I ever knew! I'm impressed.

bazu said...

Your cooking and baking is inspiring. I have fits and bursts- sometimes I cook several things in one day, and sometimes I go several days without setting foot in the kitchen. I'm going to be baking several batches of cookies for my mom's birthday soon, though! Good luck finding some sleep!

Melody said...

I'm glad you got some ME time and made some delicious food.. oy.. do I remember the days of being up with babies.

I love the rapini to the rescue post.. I love me some beans and greens.. with great seeds on top.