Tuesday, November 21

Bach Flower Essence cocktails all day long

Lately, caring for two very young children has become, how can I say this without sounding off alarm bells with CSA, hmmm, how about: "challenging".

Copious amounts of coffee, chocolate covered digestive cookies and chocolate bars have lost their charm. So like anyone in need of 'help', and with an addictive personality, I started doubling/tripling my daily intake of Bach Rescue Remedy (drops and spray). Still not feeling rescued, I looked into the other Bach Flower Essences and lo and behold, 'Impatiens' and 'Olive' came to my rescue.

The challenges are still lurking in every corner, but, I'm pretty sure I won't be pulling a Thelma & Louise...

there's still plenty of time to buy tickets to "A Night Honouring Esther Hart" - even if you can't be there, buy a ticket, or two, and give someone a fabulous early holiday gift!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

So, I could use some of those Bach essences. Does it really help? If it does I would probably douse myself in it as I am in need of something. Where do you find out about these things?