Wednesday, December 13

calm/chaos, charity and of course, cookies

View of our favourite pond. It's a calm picture that I keep thinking about when I find myself getting too overwhelmed with mothering and to-do lists

It's that time of year, lots of hustle & bustle, and rollercoaster swirls of people's energy all around. In other words, inner and outer chaos. I wish this Christmas cheer/holiday spirit/time to think about others, would get spread throughout the year. I'm not a grinch, I'm just someone who is very sensitive to the fact that we as a society think it's really important to track down a vintage bottle of port for our boss, or buy a grown woman an Easy Bake oven because she never had one as a child (stole that from a tv show) meanwhile, we won't give the obviously talented busker on the street corner a loonie for his musical gift. You know what I mean?

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Having trouble selecting a worthy charity? If there's someone on your list who you'd prefer to gift by making a donating in their name, consider giving it to Camp Oochigeas. It's a Canadian camp for children with cancer.

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Earlier this year I admitted/outted myself about my cookie baking addiction. Well, the time has come to come clean and say this: I plan to stay addicted for many years to come, because baking makes me very happy, and now, it makes me even happier because my son loves to bake with me too (baby girl watches and coo). So, now the big question is: which cookies do we bake for Mama M's cookie exchange on Sunday?

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Urban Vegan said...

Baking is therapeutic for me, too--provided I don't eat all the cookies. What a pretty photo.