Monday, December 11

It's a BOB!

We welcomed BOB Revolution Duallie into our family on Friday, December 8, 2006. She weighs 31.7lbs (14.4kg).

Here's BOB taking a break during Sunday's nature walk (she's wearing her sun protector)

BOB will be joining us on our daily activities and training goals: Ironman, marathon(s), triathlons and fun runs.

P.S. after re-thinking goals and re-writing to do lists have decided to put my knitting project on hold. I asked myself, would I rather get rippin' fit or sport a new badly knit scarf (I had a fit and ripped the poncho apart). Plus, after watching this year's 2-hour coverage of the Ford Ironman World Championship on Saturday it's all I've been fantasizing about.


Jamie said...

okay, so I want one of those. We opted for the side by side Papa prego or whatever it's called. We love it, but it's not hard-core like this here BOB. Awesome! I met a buff mama yesterday that lost 130 lbs. I'm not sure how she did it, but she's really fit now. Really motivating. I would love to do a marathon. I'm not a swimmer. I only doggy paddle, but love biking and running. Maybe you can be another one of my inspirations?

Katharine said...

We got the Valco with toddler seat. I love it. It fits nicely in stores and turns in the elevator.
Nice to see my pond on the net,