Wednesday, January 10

it's not the symphony, but now we're moms

Monday we had a super fun 'park + Thomas and Friends video date' with Mama M and the boys. It was freezing, wind was gusting but we all enjoyed the fresh air. Best part was when we all huddled for a snack break, and Mama M and I hand fed the boys all sorts of fun treats so they'd keep their mitts on. I love Mama M for many reasons including her appreciation of the outdoors.

Today we had another super fun 'drop-in + Wiggles Dance Party video date' with Mama C and her boy. For lunch we had a delightful lunch spread: pizza, hummus, sweet peppers, carrots, bread, tofu sticks, tamari for dipping, potatoes, broccoli, and for dessert chocolate digestive cookies. Clementines were offered, but, I can sense that sales pitch is starting to wear thin.

Eggplant update:

Early last night I started work on the eggplant; I cut off both ends, cut the rest into thick slabs, salted each piece on both sides and placed them in a lasagna pan. Before bed I drained the pan, washed each eggplant piece, resalted each piece, lay them in a casserole dish, and put the dish in the fridge. Today there was more water to drain from the dish. Next up, preparing the marinade.

It sounds like a lot of work, but really, it's not, I'm just doing a bit each day. One of my mottos for getting stuff done is 'break it down'. Doing a little bit at a time, taking baby steps, imagine if you will doing a 10,000 piece puzzle, with commitment and 'big picture' goals, eventually 'it' [the puzzle, the egglpant, your stacks of dirty laundry, your goals] gets done.

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