Thursday, January 11

In lieu of today's shower...I present my recipes

If you happen to be one of those people who passes me on the street on a daily basis you've probably thought, on more than one occassion 'hmmm, she sure could use a hair brushing and a nanny'. No shower today, as per usual today's priority was food related - no fault of the kids.

Prepping the ingredients: yams, carrots, butternut squash and red lentils for 'Seb's Soup'; empty container of hemp seed nut butter - reminder to buy more; and brown rice for tonight's dinner.

Evolution of egglplant #94081: this is what the beauty looks like after one night of marinading in copious amounts of olive oil, tahini, sea salt, cracked pepper, balsamic vinegar, a splash of Frank's Red Hot Chile 'n Lime Sauce. Today I tossed in some more olive oil, and put the dish back in the fridge for one more day of marinading.

Close up of 'Seb's Soup'': today I was tweaking this recipe's ingredient list and assembly instructions. I normally hand chop all the vegetables, but today I used my Cuisinart Pro Classic Food Processor to shred the carrots, yam, and butternut squash. I minced some leftover 'Papas' which I added along with one cup of leftover quinoa once the soup was simmering.

Confession, today was the first time I ever used my food processor to shred vegetables, I normally use elbow grease and the manual grater. I'd have to say I found it laborious to use the machine, but, on a visual level it's definitely worth the extra time it takes to set up then the tedious cleaning. The real pay off came at lunch when my son, very diligently, put tablespoon after tablespoon in his mouth. Ahhh, nothing makes this bed-head mama happier!


Harmonia said...

I'm back bloggin'...still trying to catch up! :) Neat post!

Hope you are well...happy weekend!

Dori said...

Love the bed head image I have of you now. Reading your blog will never be the same. :)

I miss the days I used to have like that when my own kids were little.

Urban Vegan said...

Too many showers are bad for your skin anyway--but your food looks nutritious--and good for your skin--and for the kiddies. I bet you have a great complexion.