Friday, September 7

Oasis Neighbourhood Challenge

Wanna have some great, free, fun? Come out and cheer for the runners at The Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Sunday, September 30th. I'll be running the marathon (42.2KM) for the Beach Neighbourhood in support of Jonathan Ashbridge Community Centre Youth Programmes. And yes, there's still time to put a pledge on me!

Scotiabank will have free "Fan Kits" available at every Oasis Neighbourhood Challenge location — thundersticks, pom-poms, cow bells and "clappers"— to make your job extra easy. But please feel free to make and bring your own ingenious noisemakers and signs!

This is a great outdoor festival, celebration and inspiring event. This is one place you can let your kids scream, clap, hop up and down, and use their outdoor voice, FREE!!


bazu said...

Hello! Long time no talk. I just wanted to say good luck on your run!

Jamie said...

Good luck with the marathon! You must be in perfect shape now. Oh, and for an unknowledgable american, what is the equivalent 42.2km in miles? Sad that I don't know, right?

P.S. The kids LOVE the bath toys you sent. Gets used just about everyday. just reminded me of the goodness that came from canada.