Thursday, November 29

10 Rules to Live By

An enormous thank you to Shawn at Letters to my Daughters who has initiated and produced a wonderful writing project that allows me to write with my stream of consciousness voice. I humbly present my contribution to LTMD's Group Writing Project Take 2.

The Law According to Me: “10 Rules to Live By”

1. ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU. Such a simple gesture, yet, to me, it's so very important to exchange a 'thank you' with a 'your welcome'. It means I value what you've said, done, promise to do.
2. BE HUMBLE. I live a very abundant life, but it doesn't make me better than the beggar on the corner. I am still learning to appreciate/forgive people when they flaunt their wealth.
3. THINK LIKE AN OLD/WISE PERSON. When I don't know what to do in a given situation, yet I'm getting angered, emotional and ugly, I ask myself how I will want to remember this as a woman in her 80's. This helps me with diplomacy.
4. BE GRATEFUL. As I type this, both my children are asleep in warm and fuzzy pj's, their bellies are full, and the streets are quiet. Daily I make an effort to thank mother universe for the life I've been given.
5. GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. I always write thank you notes, and I always write complaint notes. It's my nature to write, no matter what it is. Thank you notes have gotten me jobs, opened doors that I'd still be knocking on, have turned general acquaintances into very good friends. Thank you notes are the poor person's way of saying 'if I win a million dollars' you're gettin' some of it too simply because you've been kind to me or those I love'.
6. MARRY SOMEONE WHO MAKES YOU LAUGH SO HARD YOU PEE YOUR PANTS. I thank the universe I've been given this gift for the last 10 years.
7. WORK HARD. We live at a time when so much is 'instant' that we forget that real life doesn't work at the speed it takes to send an email. If you want something, work your ass off. Period.
8. LIVE UP TO YOUR CONVICTIONS. No matter what family members say, what books say, what people with PhD's say, what Oprah or the rest of society is saying, just live up to what you feel is important to you and your family. People told me there was no way I could be a stay at home mom and raise two kids without having a car at my doorstep. You guessed it, we don't have two cars, and we're doin' just fine.
9. LOVE. In everything I do, bake, cook, create, say, don't say, most of the time I'm just trying to show my love. In my book, there's not much else we need to say to one another.
10. BE GENTLE. With small needy children at my side, my gentle voice gets challenged daily. It is amazing how one's tone can affect them. Thanks to my two little ones I am learning the value of gentle not only in actions, but in voice and thought too.

Again Shawn, I thank you, truly, for this special writing project that you've so openly invited the world to join.


InTheFastLane said...

I love your list. I am struggling with my gentle voice. The gruff one wants to come out too often.

Mama Zen said...

Number 3 is just brilliant. That's a wonderful way to think.

Shawn said...

this is a lovely list ... thank you so much for participating. I did not receive the e-mail that said you did this list so I am sorry you weren't listed in today's post. I will get you up tomorrow or Sunday ... promise. Thanks!

Moanna said...

Yes times 10.

#6 Why didn't you tell me this earlier?? :)

Thanks for visiting me.

Shelli said...

I especially love #3 and #8. But I love all of them too. Great list! And thanks for your comment on my list!

Shawn said...

Thank you so much for participating. Your list is wonderful.

We don't have two cars either -- gave one up to stay home with the tots ... we make it, though this world isn't set up for family's with only one.

Love your list ... so glad to see you create one for this little project.