Sunday, November 18

Jr. Pizzaiolos

I can now reveal the reason we had a pizza making marathon this week: we were practicing for our pizza making class. I'm now giving semi private cooking/baking/food appreciation classes, and yesterday was our pizza making day. The fun we had for those two hours will forever bring tears to my eyes.

The kids smacked, punched, flattened, flipped, rolled, tossed, slapped and played with the dough with such delight. Watching them share, investigate and snack on the toppings is proof that if you offer kids a huge variety they will find plenty to like.

Our topping buffet looked like this:
tomato paste
crushed tomatoes
green pigeon gungo peas
whole kernel corn
sliced ripe olives
roasted sweet peppers
sundried tomatoes (next time I'll put out three jars, not one)
red, green, orange and yellow raw peppers
carrot shavings
minced garlic
green onion
red onion
mozzarella and feta cheese
sea salt

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