Friday, December 7

Dishwashers, friend or foe?

We don't have an 'automatic' dishwasher, so most of the time, our sink/countertops looks like what you see above. If you own one of these modern appliances, tell me, I'd love to learn pros and cons. Recently a mama friend told me that a dishwasher saved a friend's marriage - apparently one of the partner's had an aversion to kitchen messes like the one pictured above.

Another modern appliance I'm interested to hear first hand about is the pannini grill. Anyone have one of the many versions out there? It's the only thing I'm thinking of asking Santa to cart over to my kitchen.

I'll be posting lots of pics over the weekend, or as soon as I can find that darned magic cable that downloads pics to the desktop.

Happy Holiday Weekend.


ONEDIA said...

Definitely a PLUS - get it girl!
I have been in the have and have not and HAVE is definitely best. I live in a very small town in a plain jane house/bungalow that does not have a dishwasher. This is the first time in our 15 year marriage that we have been without one and we don't even have a manual dishwasher in the form of our offspring. At first we thought it wasn't a big deal and that we would just keep on top of it. HA!

My husband likes to wash the dishes because he thinks I don't get them clean. He doesn't like washing the glasses and cups (but he doesn't mind pots and pans ????!!!) I don't like the fact that he leaves them to accumulate too long.

On top of it all , my husband has a piano teaching studio and his students can get a glimpse of an untidy kitchen if they crane their necks a bit. So there is always the rush to clear the field before afternoon lessons begin.

We plan an addition to our house within 18 months that will include a remodeled kitchen but we have decided we cannot wait for a dishwasher.

They do get the dishes cleaner and more sanitized. The new ones (spend as much as you can afford for one that is quiet and energy efficient) are energy efficient and you can turn off the heat dry and let them air dry. YOu can also collect your dishes all day and set the washer to run after you go to bed for the night.

Lots of people rinse their dishes before putting them into the washer, but I think that is redundant and unnecessary ( well u do want to scrape off the big stuff) with the new washers that take away any debris down the drain.

As far as the other thing -- It is one more thing to find storage for. I minimize electric gadgets (except a first rate espresso maker, blender, and mixer) in my kitchen. I love my high quality MANUAL can opener and would not own an electric one if you gave it to me. So, my vote on something like that would be to get the espresso maker instead.

Just OWO (one woman's opinion)

sorry for the tome.

Anonymous said...

I have had a dishwasher in the many places we lived as an Army wife, however, now that we are retired we bought a home that does not have a dishwasher and both of us are okay with that. No one would ever empty it when we did have one ;)

Jamie said...

One of the reasons we moved here to this townhouse is so that we would have a dishwasher. I couldn't take it anymore! And I love to bake and cook everyday throughout the day just as you do. We've never had one so I definitely see the lifesaver it's been. It seems like I was always washing dishes. And now it's so much easier to have a nice kitchen with the dishes put away. All in all a lifesaver. It probably saved my marriage as well. I would say the kids get more excited about "helping" as well.