Saturday, December 8

A Week in Review

Baking some variation of Anything Goes Fruit-Filled Muffins from How it all Vegan! has started to become a Monday morning.

DEE LI CIOUS! Spelt Brownie for papa, but mama helped get through this too.

The Pennine Rigate the kids couldn't get enough of (recipe to be posted later this week)

Thursday dinner's pizza making session: Kneading, then...


jr cookie monster tells his little sister that he'll show her how to spread olive oil on the pizza pan, 'like this baby girl'. I can barely snap this picture, I'm crying. Tear jerker moment for this proud mama.

Friday dinner's pizza making session with abuela (grandma). Jr Cookie Monster's minimalist topping choices: tomato sauce and corn niblets.

The foodie waiting for our baking session to begin.

PS for those of you who are starting to bake with your kids, I personally recommend you get them cloth aprons, not plastic ones like the cookbooks suggest. Cloth aborbs any liquid, oil etc, on plastic things just drip off. Plus cloth aprons are great for wiping hands on.

No need to spend big bucks, I bought 5 kid sized aprons for .99 cents each at a local second hand shop.

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