Monday, December 10

Funny faces

We took these 'Funny faces', pg 76, Baking with Tiny Tots, to a Holiday Potluck this past Saturday Night.

Each single one of them was eaten; one parent there ate 3 large ones, but not one person, not ONE, said anything, good or bad. In this case, it's not about something we said, I "think" it's about what we did to the recipe.

Deconstructing what 'may' have caused the silence:

- In lieu of all-purpose flour we used spelt, which made these cupcakes dense/hard-ish. This was in fact the result we were aiming for because we wanted their weight to feel like brownies.

- We add libbed, and folded melted unsweetened chocolate into the batter. We were aiming for a sublimical statement of 'we take chocolate very seriously, we hope you do too'. Perhaps real chocolate is too overpowering for cupcakers who are used to cocoa.

- The frosting was made with the leftover melted unsweetened chocolate and about 1/4 cup of icing sugar - most frosting recipes call for at least one. In order to make up for the sweetness the kids and papa showered these 'brownies' with Let's Do 'Carnival' Sprinkelz and crowned each single one with a marble chocoalte chip.

Perhaps the silence was a compliment...I may have to make a few phone calls; the curiosity is starting to consume me.

In terms of joy making session or ease, we give this recipe 6/10. Kind of boring for kids who bake as much as my son does. Though the photo that accompanies the recipe got him very excited.

We'd left four tiny ones at home to accompany our night cap. I loved my two. I give them 8/10 - they lost one point for not being large enough, and another point because they left people speechless.

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Jamie said...

One time we had some friends over and I made this really fancy southwestern chicken dish that had tons of lime, cilantro, onions, serrano, butter, cocoa, cinnamon, etc. So it was kind of a unique blend of ingredients and Jake and I and others had had it numerous times and loved it so much and they didn't say anything. The only thing they said was, "how did you come up with this?" or "where do you get your cooking ideas?" We could tell that they were politely taking bites. It was so sad! So I hope that everyone was speechless because they were in a chocolate coma of sorts. :) They sounded good even if they were a little bit harder than your average cupcake. I think I'm going to make that gingerbread recipe you posted. Those look so good.