Saturday, January 26

this week's library stack

On Monday we found some wonderful Valentine's Day books, discovered the 'Facts At Your Fingertips' series, actually found a Muppets VHS, and a dated, but fabulous Gung Hay Fat Choy: Happy New Year picture book.

We never go to the library on Saturdays because it's our family day, but today 'the dad' has to work, so we are going to the library again, but this time all the way to the bigger library in our hood. If they don't have any acceptable [as per jr cookie monster's desires] videos, we'll have to check out the video store, then maybe throw some stones into the lake, then who knows...


Amy Turn Sharp said...

What VD crafts are you guys gonna do? I saw a cool thing in a mag at teh Dr's office about using foam meat trays and carving them and using them to make prints!!!! printmaking with recycling meat trays! love it!

piper of love said...

Wow, I get to meet one of Amy's friends... I covet her.

Thank you for visiting Bliss in Bloom!


Montessori Mama said...

I love library day too, and your blog! Thanks