Friday, January 25

Toiletries, rat style

This is what is left of my precious aromacreme; I adore this product because its oils, which include almond and ylang ylang perk me up, no matter how brutal I'm feeling, and most importantly it 'conceals' my underarm odour.

The last chunk set me back close to $30, and it was worth evere s-i-n-g-l-e scent. Now I've got to use up all the other toiletry products before I invest again.

I don't have a car, so I'm always pushing our child-snacks & supplies-heavy double stroller all over the place, often in a hurry, so I produce tons of sweat under my arms. Aromacreme works on its own, but now I've got to combine at least three products to get similar results. It's a bit more work but I'm excited because I'm $30, if not more, closer to $100,000.

Anyone else have 'rat style' stories to share?

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Amy Turn Sharp said...

I love LUSH!!!!