Thursday, February 28

Mighty Pen Thursday - Feb28/08

A version of the letter below went to a cookie manufacturer in California, didn't get a response. This weekend I'm going to tweak the letter so that I can send it to Jason regarding a lotion's packaging. I'll send the letter, plus the container, hoping they can refill it for me.

Dear XX,

My name is XX. For a living I work as a freelance writer, and part time at a health food store that sells some of your products. I recently bought your X cookies for the first time. Yes, they are delicious, and I found them to be a perfect snack, yet I won’t be buying them again because the packaging is not environmentally friendly.

On the back of the package there are three points about the cookies: good food, good fun, good planet. Sorry to say, but the way you currently package these cookies, they are not good for the planet. Here in Toronto, the recycling program mantra is: reduce, reuse, recycle. I wish the same ideology were followed in California. Your cookies are packaged in 3 layers! Glossy waxed carrying bag, a hard cellophane tray wrapped in cellophane. In Toronto our home recycling program only allows us to recycle # 1 and # 2 plastics, so two of the pieces of packaging you use I can’t recycle. For this reason I can’t ever again buy your cookies.

If you really do care about the environment, please, please come up with a new way to package your products.

Many of us earth lovers think we are doing the earth a big service because we buy organic products like your cookies, but, buying products with redundant packaging is detrimental to our eco system.

Please be an industry leader and do something to change your packaging practice.


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