Friday, February 22

Nile Valley Books, 1921 Gerrard St. E., Toronto

On our daily walks, we somehow always end up peeking in the window of Nile Valley Books (scroll down to 'Black Bookstores').

What first drew our eye to this unique bookstore, besides its inviting presence, was the vibrant cover of Island Counting 1 2 3 by the divinely talented Frane Lessac.

Nile Valley Books has irregular hours, so it took us a while to have the opportunity to shop there. It was a magical experience for jr cookie monster to finally have the book he'd be admiring in his hands. He just held the book while I poked around and spoke with the Nohsakhere Ibrahim, the gentle, kind and ever so knowledgeable book lover owner.

Together he and I caught the end of a radio show about lead painted toys & recalls. He shook his head with disbelief saying 'wasn't lead outlawed decades ago'?! Though I wanted to stay and chat, my eldest tiny book lover was anxious to get home and devour his new book (which to this day remains one of his and his sister's favourites).

If you live in TO or are ever around, make a point to visit this wonderful book haven.
Currently their window is dedicated to Black History Month - the few featured cookbooks look tantalizing.

Nile Valley Books
1921 Gerrard Street East (west of Woodbine, north side)
Toronto, ON M4L 2C2
Tel: 416 686-7441
Toll Free: 800 368-0079
Contact: Nohsakhere Ibrahim


Jamie said...

Is that a bed? Or a place to lounge while you read in one of the windows?

village mama said...

It's a place to lounge, cool eh!