Friday, February 1


Thankful for blogging. My links section is a work in progress, but definitely check out some of what inspires me daily.

Thankful for the creativity expressed on a local sandwich board - its strength put my latte factor at $2. That belly warmin' Americano was worth every single penny.

Thankful for creative brainstorms with my children.

Thankful that we have a warm, comfortable home, child-stuff strewn home.

Thankful for my children's health.

Thankful for mother nature's bountiful playground.

Thankful for the oversized trucks that bring squeals from jr cookie monster.

Thankful for many wonderful mama friends and their children.

Thankful that friends call to share joyful news of first time and second time pregnancies. Yay Mama K and yay soon to be Mama S!!

Thankful for our now almost vintage, 5-CD player from which the kids and I blare music all day long. This week's five were: Cold Play, Ray Lamontagne, Dave Matthews, Dave Matthews Live, and live Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds.

Village Papa went out dor dinner with a client last night. I was at home, exhausted from a week of too many interrupted sleeps and still having to juggle a delightfully hyper and wide awake toddler (who I'm trying to wean) and her high fevered, sadly delirious brother. So, so, so thankful for the delicious, mouthwatering Italian cuisine take-out village papa brought home. Yes, he ordered from the menu, especially for me. His tenderness is always expressed in bountiful gestures like this.

Thankful for surfing in Tofino.

Thankful, grateful, amazed, delighted, can say with all honesty, almost being married to village papa for seven years (anniv Feb 14) is a real manifestation of magic.

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Natalie said...

What a nice collection of reasons to be grateful. Happy Almost Anniversary!