Thursday, January 31

Mighty Pen Thursday - Jan31/08

I believe the written word is mightier than the sword, so I always make sure to stand up for my rights, my family's rights, human-animal-planet earth's rights by putting words on paper.

Going forward, Thursday's at Mama's Village will be devoted to letter writing activism. Got a thank you or no thank you letter you want to share with others? You do?! Awesome! All you have to do is post your letter on your blog, then email me the post link and I'll add your Mighty Pen Thursday link to the list. I'll post 'sometime' Thursday 10amish, Toronto time, so be sure to have your contribution to me just past midnight on Wednesday, or at the crack of dawn Thursday Toronto time.

Here is the body copy of the 8th letters I've written and snail mailed to Peter Henseler RC2 President and Mr. Curt Stoetling RC2 CEO, and CC'd State Senator Tom Hancock and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding the Thomas recall:

January 16, 2008

Re: RC2 Voluntary Recalls 2007

I received a response (dated Dec. 12/07) to the letter I addressed to you dated October 9, 2007. I am disappointed that yet again RC2 does not understand that I do not want a replacement to all the toys affected by the recall, I want a full refund.

As I’ve stated in all my previous correspondence, I no longer trust your company because ‘providing safe toys’ was obviously not a priority; in the year 2007 RC2 produced and sold toys painted with lead paint. The oversights with RC2’s quality assurance are terrifying. Your company makes children’s toys; you company made decisions that affect millions of families, including mine in Canada. Those decisions included giving the green light to some third party to use lead paint, that irresponsibility in this year 2007 is unforgivable.

As I’ve stated repeatedly, I no longer trust RC2 to make toys suitable for my children, I want to return every single Thomas & Friends Wooden toy and accessories. If you check your files you’ll see multiples copies of the receipts totalling $625.27.

I look forward to your soonest reply.


The Scott Family said...

Go get 'em girl! You are completely right!

GreenStyleMom said...

I love this idea!

Montessori Mama said...

YOU, my dear, are the inspiring one!
Thank you for the compliments, and the answer to your question is yes, I'd be honored.
aka Montessori Mama