Tuesday, March 18

no gadgets required; cooking in Guatemala

This is a Polaroid that Village Papa took of me April, '99. We were in Guatemala, doing volunteer field work for UNICEF and Plan

This photo captures one of the highlights of my life, teaching these sisters how to prepare a North American pasta dinner. Not a fancy kitchen gadget in sight, just creativity and enthusiasm from all involved.

At the time, I would dream of 'someday' cooking with my kids...and now, it's my joy in life.

I'm sharing this moment because it's one of the pieces that make up my manuscript-in-progress...more to home.

ps if you're still in the market for Easter gifts, take a peek here.

Happy Easter Weekend - hope you enjoy the sweetness of extra time with loved ones.


Natalie said...

Hey Village Mama, you sure look happy in the picture!
Where in Guatemala were you?
Sure, I admit there are some gadgets I love, but I always enjoy camp cooking, or cooking in my Abuela's adobe kitchen. There is a unique pleasure in stripping everything down to the essentials and serving a nurturing and delicious meal.

Lori Pickert said...

love your guatemala pics :^)

thanks so much for linking to me (at my other blog - camp creek press) in your sidebar!

amy t sharp said...

lovely shot- so full of life and love there...Thanks for sharing that. I mean it xo

village mama said...

Hi Natalie! Thanks for your kind words.

In the picture, we are in the kitchen of the people who manage 'Hotel Las Casitas' in Panajachel, Lake Atitlan. We also travelled to Quiche, Quetzaltenango, Antigua, Salama, and Guatemala City.

Lori, thanks for visiting! My pleasure/honour to link to very creative YOU!!.

Amy, as always, you make me blush. You are MOST welcome.