Tuesday, April 29

Martha Stewart isms

Last week a mom casually called me Martha Stewart because I had packed lunch and snacks, and I had enough that her kid could feast too. I summed up my behaviour as frugal; but since then, there's so many things I wish I had said, and one question I wished I'd asked: 'what's so bad about being like Martha Stewart'?

So today I googled Martha Stewart, and the wikipedia definition includes 'homemaking advocate'. That term in itself warms by heart, so if that's what people think I'm like, cool - even if they don't think it's cool.

Funny thing is, most mamas I know pack lunches and snacks, and at least some of what they have is homebaked/homecooked. Plus, I know many of them have secret snacks, the kind they know can lure their park lovin' cobras home.

So fellow homemaking advocates, I ask you this: what is the must-have-food-item/surprise snack you will not leave home without, even if you are only walking to the library?

Mine: Sunny Bears (corn syrup and all...)


Mystele said...

hmmmm...marshmallows for the youngest and chocolate for the oldest.

village mama said...

nice ideas Mystele, thanks!

amy t sharp said...

choc chips and peanuts and pretzels in a baggy

village mama said...

Amy - thanks for the pretzels reminder!

Jamie said...

I love Martha Stewart. Of course sometimes she's just too perfect, but, you know.

I guess or must have food item would be drinkable yogurt or mixed dried fruit.

blissbelly said...

Those little seaweed snack strips, dried fruit or nuts will always do it.

village mama said...

blissbelly, is there a particular brand, flavour of the strips that your kids 'prefer'?