Tuesday, May 6

100% natural

Mama and Kids' Dinner
Leftover Sebi's Soup, homemade pizza (leftover from today's picnic), red grapes and carrot sticks

Kids' Dessert
homemade mango popsicles - the kids were not expecting these, and they were a huge hit; after I put them to bed I made another batch of grape juice ones!

Papa's Dinner
? - he came home late

4 Life Natural Foods cloth shopping bag

Q. Guess what tomorrow is dear readers?

A. Field trip! You and I are heading to one of Toronto's yummiest and hippest destinations: Kensington Market.


Jamie said...

Wednesday: Baked potatoes with salt and pepper, applesauce, peas for Liam, carrots for Penny, milk and chocolate pudding for dessert. Pre-dinner snack: celery sticks with peanut butter. I still need to make my popsicles! Yours look great. Grape juice ones sound so good. I have some pure cranberry juice that is so bitter the kids won't touch it. Any ideas to make it sweeter or what juice/s to add to it?

amy t sharp said...

tofu grilled with stir fry veggies and rice
Joe does not like tofu :(

blissbelly said...'s about time to jump in here...
I feel like we might cheat, though, because we don't really have any takeout options. We live about a ten-minute drive out of town, so it would never feel easier to me to go get takeout. Plus, I really like veggies and my own cooking, so it doesn't even make me happier.

When we are running around in town, late, we can always grab a quick meal at our local 4 or 5 soups/day for $6 restaurant. Does the trick everytime.

Lately we've been struggling with the walk to the river between nap and dinner and rush to get dinner on the table or rush to eat so we can walk to the river after dinner? Tomorrow night Isaiah and I decided to avert the conundrum by planning a picnic.

Anyway, today I managed to throw together a quick ragout (my favorite catchall) with carmelized onion, asparagus, green beans, garbanzos, tomatoes, napa cabbage. When we found ourselves at the river at 5:45, I called Steve and asked him to start the polenta (Yay for work at home papas!), and we had ragout over polenta with the tips of asparagus arrayed over the polenta, goat cheese sprinkled on top...the kids like to sprinkle a lot on themselves.

They are serious eaters. On nights like tonight, when Isaiah is hungry and loves his dinner, it is a spectacle to watch him enjoy his dinner, rocking back and forth, nodding, muttering "umm" with excitement....needing to be reminded to breathe.

village mama said...

Jamie, do you have honey or maple syrup on hand?

Amy, sorry to hear about Joe turnin' his nose up to tofu, keep trying though...I have not always been a fan of tofu.

Blissbelly, great to have you along for the fun. That your kids are 'serious easters' is truly wonderful. We urbanites won't hold it against you that take-out land is not at your doorstep. XO

Natalie said...

I have a popsicle recipe that includes apples, strawberries, bananas, carrots, cabbage and blueberries... a few more warm days here and it may be time to make room in the freezer!