Tuesday, May 6

Vine Ripened Tomatoes - A Revelation

Our kitchen counter first thing this morning. In the blender: tomato sauce, in the thermos and black cup: strong-makes-mama-smile coffee.

On the dish drainer: freshly watered mentha spicata and coriandrum sativum.

Village Pa and Ma's Dinner

Sauteed Veggie 'n' Egg Scramble:
sauteed 2 red onion halves which were hibernating in the crisper (at l-e-a-s-t two weeks old), added 1/2 red pepper chunks + 1/2 orange pepper chunks, added 1 large fresh tomato, once it all looked cooked (about 5 minutes) added 6 egg batter (eggs + splash milk + salt), scrambled constantly w/a fork, a minute before I turned off the heat added 2 slices of mozzarella.

Our Dessert: chocolate

Village Son and Daughter's Dinner
Cucumber coins, red pepper sticks, and salty rice pasta shells

Their Dessert: red grapes

Post Dinner Cooking Activity
pizza dough and pizza sauce for Tuesday's picnic lunch

So last night I f-i-n-a-l-l-y counted the number of vine ripened tomatoes that are packed in a 796mL/26 oz can: 15! We buy very few canned foods/produce, and lately I've been wanting to cut back on this item, but I had no idea how many tomatoes I'd need to buy to equal what's in the can. Fifteen tomatoes, lots of washing and cutting etc, thus, for now, we're sticking with canned.

To date, these are your fellow competitors: Amy, Jamie, Mystele, Shawn, Stephanie, and some lurkers...please come join us, prizes and glory will follow.

PS I'm working on getting a sponsor for this contest - I really appreciate everyone's support. XO Village Mama


Stephanie said...

Okay, I am so slacking in this but it is great to read what you're eating.

That tomato comparison was a great idea...thanks for taking the time to share what you found.


Jamie said...

Okay, tonight I made for the kids "piglets in blankets". They are little miniature smoked sausages rolled up in crescent dough (i know, kind of nasty). I steamed some peas, sliced up fresh vine tomatoes, and the kids drank milk. They've been snacking on green grapes for dessert. Jake and I are having leftover white chili and tortilla chips. Tonight I'm going to made homeade 100% fruit popsicles for tomorrow.

amy t sharp said...

eggs and potatoes and bread
noodles for the wee ones
choco cake form bobs red mill

village mama said...

Stephanie, so glad you appreciate my little obsessions, like this tomato one ;-)

Jamie, extra points for milk at dinner!

Amy, choco cake send yum, is it a package? share pls. xo